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Tiffany came to Family Foundations to see assistance with resolving past credit issues. But there was more to the story. Tiffany had guardianship of her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder; as well as her two younger sisters, one of whom was mentally challenged. Many of their financial problems were caused by poor decisions made by mother when she was not taking her medication.

Her certified financial counselor took a comprehensive approached. First we addressed her housing issues, Tiffany’s was facing foreclosure. The review of her budget showed the she could not afford her mom’s home and the best decision was to sell the house and move into rental housing.

Tiffany and her mother also took advantage of Family Foundations Mental Health Counseling program, where they learned how to effectively communicate. Her mother understood the importance of regularly taking her medication. Together Tiffany and her mother set realistic financial boundaries for their family.

These services helped relived much of Tiffany’s stress and she was able to concentrate more on work. She received merit increases of over 20% over the next 2 years and used the increase to start a savings account to save for a home for her family.