Certified Financial Counselors provide individual, confidential advice for developing budgets, managing money, using credit wisely and building a savings plan.


Your Financial Counselor will start by reviewing your goals – what do you want achieve in life, what do you want for your family – so that your counseling is focused on what’s most important to you.

Your Financial Counselor will then review your current situation, offering solutions to your current financial problems as well as personalized plans for preventing financial pitfalls in the years to come.  You and your counselor will review your income and your expenses to develop a budget that you can live with.

Your Financial Counselor can also provide you with your merged credit report for a small additional fee. In reviewing your credit report, your counselor will review your credit score and payment history, make recommendations on how to re-establish credit, show you how to dispute inaccurate entries and how to manage your credit in preparation for achieving your goals.

If you would like to make an appointment for financial and credit counseling, please contact us.