Our counseling services can lend strength and vision when times seem the most difficult.




What type of counseling services do you provide at Family Foundations?

Our Licensed Mental Health Counselors provide counseling services to address a myriad of common or difficult like problems such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationship and family issues and other problems.

Our counselors have experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

What are the fees for counseling services?

Family Foundations charges $35.00 for the initial mental health intake session.  All other ongoing sessions are only $10.00 per session.  Families living 150% below the poverty guidelines will have fees waived. Family Foundations does not bill insurance Companies

Do you have a wait list for services?

Family Foundations does not have a wait list for counseling services.  Clients can make appointments based on what works well with their schedules.

Who can receive counseling services with Family Foundations?

All individuals interested in seeking counseling services may contact Family Foundations to schedule a counseling appointment.  Our mental health counselors will make appropriate referrals for clients if additional services are needed.

What other services does Family Foundations provide besides mental health counseling?

Family Foundations also provides financial counseling services which includes budget management, credit counseling, homeownership education, bankruptcy, foreclosure matters and enrollment into our 1000 in 1000 program, which focuses on equipping individuals with assets to successfully transition out of poverty.  Our financial counseling services are provided by certified financial counselors.

How can I start the process of receiving services offered by Family Foundations?

Contact Family Foundations at 904-396-4846 to call and make your first appointment.

Where is your office located?

Our main office is located on the 1st Floor of the Jessie Ball duPont Center at 40 East Adams Street, Suite 120. We also provide counseling at satellite locations throughout the community.