Learn the basics of the home buying process in a private session with a certified housing counselor.




Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a family will make. Being prepared for homeownership and making a good purchase decision is essential for you and your family’s future.

In a one-on-one session, the counselor and you will discuss your goals and challenges and together, you will create an individual action plan with specific steps to reach the goal of successful homeownership.

Your action plan will include:

Comprehensive assessment of income and expenses

Household budget analysis

Review of balances and monthly payments to creditors

Short and long term goals

Money-management skills for homeowners

Identification and avoidance of Predatory Lending practices

Development of a savings plan for down payment and closing costs.

I knew I wanted to buy a home but wasn’t sure if my credit and budget was ready for that new step, my counselor gave me the peace of mind and tools to acomplish my goal of home-ownership.


I had some credit issues in the past but had worked hard to pay them off, Family Foundations helped my with my household budget so I could start on tract so I would be mortgage ready and could by a house in my budget for my family.