In 1955, Family Foundations began providing marriage and family counseling services to low income families.  Since that time, our Family and Individual Counseling Services division has expanded to include mental health counseling and serves all income levels. Our counseling services lend strength and vision to individuals and families in Northeast Florida.


Preventive Care

One in four Americans suffers from a mental health issue which can often develop into a debilitating condition requiring hospitalization if treatment is not sought early.  Family Foundations provides early intervention mental health counseling and ongoing wellness counseling to address many mental health issues before problems advance into serious conditions.

Affordable Care

Cost can be a major barrier to mental health counseling services.  Family Foundations offers counseling at low rates and will waive fees for individuals who cannot afford to pay, lack of insurance, can no longer afford their co-pays, or need additional counseling sessions that insurance companies will not cover.

Accessible Care

The office of Family Foundations is located conveniently in down town Jacksonville.  Counseling services are also provided in the community upon request.  At Family Foundations, individuals seeking counseling can make immediate appointments that work well with their schedules.

Professional Care

Our counseling services are provided by Licensed Mental Health Counselors who are licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Health and have extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families. Counseling services are also provided by our Masters Level Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns and graduate mental health counselor interns from the University of North Florida.

Comprehensive Care

At Family Foundations, we not only provide mental health counseling services but financial counseling services as well.  Clients can also take advantage of meeting with one of our certified Financial Counselors who can assist them with budget management, credit counseling, bankruptcy, homeownership, foreclosure matters or enrollment into our 1000 in 1000 program, which focuses on equipping individuals with assets to successfully transition them out of poverty.

What our clients have to say…

“Thank you for the guidance and support extended to my daughter and myself.  I can really see a difference in my daughter.”

“My counselor is providing me with the tools I need to move forward.  He is a good listener.”

“Facing the serious situation of divorce was overwhelming.  I now have hope.”

“My child has been receiving great counseling and shows more respect towards myself and others.”