Our Mission – Growing Strong, Money-Wise Families.

Growing – We teach and train.

Strong – We nurture and counsel people so they are able to develop devoted, loving families who know how to communicate with each other.

Money-Wise – We want everyone to be wise when it comes to money. Too often people have never been taught how to handle their finances.

Families – We strive to do everything in our power to keep all families together, so they can contribute towards a stronger community.

Our vision is that every family in Northeast Florida has the solutions to become strong and financially stable and every child is raised in a money-wise family.


Here are just a few ways that Family Foundations lives out our vision and mission:

  • We offer information, education and tools so that families can make good financial decisions.
  • We assist families with reliable transportation so that they can get to work, school and quality child care.
  • We teach families stronger communication and interpersonal skills.
  • We help people restore and manage their credit rating.
  • We prepare families to buy their first home.
  • We provide guidance for people who don’t know where to turn.
  • We show families how to manage their money better.
  • We help keep families together.

Family Foundations, originally Family Counseling Services, was founded in 1955.  Since that time, we have provided our services to over 130,000 families in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.