If you are behind in your mortgage payments, the thought of losing your home can be terrifying. The sooner we can address your problem, the more solutions are available. We will assess your level of delinquency, your ability to maintain future payments and funds available to cure the deficiency.



Our certified Housing Counselors will review your situation and help you develop a individualized action plan. We have worked with our clients and their lenders to develop thousands of workout plans for clients to keep their homes.

You and your Housing Counselor will develop an action plan based on your personal situation. In the counseling session, you and your counselor will discuss:

Alternatives to foreclosure – what are your options?

Foreclosure “rescue” scams

How foreclosure affects your future

Judicial foreclosure process

Preparing a hardship letter

National Foundation for Credit CounselingOur instruction book, Keys to Homeownership,
is authored by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Family Foundations is proud to announce we participating in the City of Jacksonville Foreclosure Intervention Program

The Foreclosure Intervention program is for local homeowners who are behind on their mortgage and are trying to prevent foreclosure.
This program helps City of Jacksonville residents stay in their homes be providing:

  • Mortgage Counseling Services
  • Direct Mortgage Assistance
  • Budget and Financial Literacy
  • Loan Modification and Refinance Counseling

To speak to a counselor about the Foreclosure Intervention Program please click the Appointment Button below.