For individuals and families who are overextended, Family Foundations offers assistance through our Debt Management Plan.


Debt Management is a systematic way to pay down your outstanding debts through monthly deposits to Family Foundations, which in turn distributes these funds to your creditors. We work with you and your creditors to design a repayment program that is affordable for you and minimizes interest and related fees.

By participating in this program, you may benefit from reduced or waived finance charges and fewer collection calls.  Once you have completed your payments, we’ll help you to re-establish your credit.

Your accounts with creditors will always be credited with 100% of the amount you send Family Foundations every month for your debt payment.  You will be charged a small materials fee by Family Foundations to help pay for the administrative handling of your account.

For those with considerable debt problems, entering Debt Management is an effective first step on the road to a financially stable, debt-free life.

Call our office at (904) 396-4846  or click this link to get started.