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River is a 10-year- old boy who was referred to the Westside Family Resource Center for severe behavioral issues. River lacked appropriate social skills and was displaying temper tantrums and behavioral problems in his small contained classroom. He has autistic tendencies which make is difficult for him to concentrate at school. He has difficulty speaking to communicate his needs and struggles with simple age appropriate tasks such as using restroom and keeping his hands to himself.

With the support of his counselor River has learned coping and communication skills to express his needs in healthy and appropriate ways. His grandmother is his primary caregiver and is actively involved in his treatment by reinforcing the skills he has gained in counseling at home.

Within six month of treatment, River’s behavior began to significantly improve in the classroom.

River has shown such improvement that he is now in a regular education 4th grade class!! He is now able to go to his teacher, grandparent, or any other trusted adult when he feels that he is having difficulty managing his emotions.

He always has a smile on his face when he comes to counseling. River continues to grow and will soon be successfully graduated from counseling, equipped with the skills to continue to excel in life and school.