It’s time to celebrate financial education!

It’s hard to believe that 2020 will mark the 9th year that the Jacksonville community has coalesced to raise awareness about the importance of financial education. At Family Foundations, we believe that EVERY person, no matter their income or socio-economic status, can be more about money, thereby maximizing their potential to lead a better life and helping our community become financially stronger.

We hope you join us this year as we partner with government agencies, financial institutions, corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and religious groups to educate, inform, and celebrate financial literacy in our community.


Based on a successful model started in Chicago, Wi$e Money Week is a public-private partnership that involves a week of activities and events celebrating the importance of good money management.  The focus is on providing financial education that is designed to help the entire community become more wise about money. The week offers programs, classes, and activities on a broad range of topics for all members of our community, regardless of age or income level. The events are hosted or provided by financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, libraries and community organizations. The week showcases these organizations’ educational resources, strengthens private-public partnerships, engages media, and connects people with those who can help them learn more about financial matters. All events are free of charge and open to the public.

Every day, we hear about how the current economy is affecting all of us. For our community to grow and thrive, everyone needs to be financially well and we can all benefit from translating increased financial knowledge into better financial behaviors.  Informed citizens are better able to make personal financial decisions that ultimately benefit all of us and helps our community thrive.

So join us May 18-23, 2020 for Wi$e Money Week!