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Wi$e Money Kids

Students must be prepared for life-long financial decisions.

Two students (one boy, one girl) will be named this year’s Wi$e Money Week Kid each will receive a $1,000 Kids Savings Account for  college from SunTrust.

This contest is for Middle School students who will submit an essay answering the 2018 question and highlighting the importance of being Wi$e about Money.

This years essay topic is:

The goal of Wi$e Money Week is to teach you how to properly manage your money. Part of being a productive citizen in the 21st century involves being financially responsible. When we are not financially responsible, it affects everyone around us in one way or another. Think about a time when you, or someone you know, was NOT financially responsible and made a bad financial decision.
If you could go back and change your decision or give someone advice, what would you say in order to turn the poor financial decision into a smart, responsible one?

For  all the details and submission deadline please download the full application by clicking the following link:  Wise Money Week Kid Essay 2018