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Mad City Money is a simulation for middle and high-school students. Each participant receives an “about me” sheet that contains: an occupation and salary, student loan debt owed, credit card debt owed, and cost of medical insurance. Some participants will have a spouse, some will be single, and some will be single parents. Participants build a monthly budget based on their incomes. They visit merchants in Mad City to purchase housing, transportation, food, day care, and other needs. These merchants interact with teens as they would in the real world, which allows participants to get a true sense for the challenges that come with managing personal finances. Parents can expect their teens to gain experience in handling debit transactions, budgeting a household income and establishing a savings plan.

In a fun, comfortable environment, teens will learn how to:

• Identify Wants vs. Needs
• Budget Household Income
• Basic Check Writing
• Establish a Savings Plan

Register by May 2nd at Noon.

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